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The entire purpose of the Business Credit Program is to build the foundational level of business credit and to give you some cash to repair your personal credit if needed. Once your personal credit is above 720 with enough solid tradelines, the foundational level of your business is already in place and we can move onto the next steps in the Business Credit Builder Program where we can obtain a combination of trade credit, credit cards and bank lines of credit!

Looking to obtain a business line of credit? Will your personal revolving debt be the stumbling block that prevents you from qualifying?

How does the current lending process work for business owners? 

How do you get your business into a position to pay down your personal revolving debt and tie it into the business?

Impossible? Not the case. You will hear from a real company that specializes in solving this problem for business owners!

Program Benefits:



  • Up to $200,000 in business credit
    (higher amount business loans available with full disclosure)
  • Unsecured line of credit (no property/assets required)
  • Full and Stated Income Programs Available
  • 720+ fico scores are normally needed these days with low revolving debt
  • Does not report on principal(s) personal credit report
  • Affordable rates & flexible terms
  • Interest completely deductible as business expense
  • A properly packaged loan application is essential for qualification.  We package and present the application on the borrower’s behalf to maximize your borrowing potential
  • As your consultant, we will negotiate with lenders to get the best deal for the borrower with no mark up on your interest rate
  • We are not constrained by a single lender’s policy
  • In cases where cash is needed quickly, consultants know which sources can provided fast closings, in as little as 30-60 business days
  • Competition among our lenders leads to better terms and mitigates the temptation for a single lender to take advantage of the borrower
  • We bring multiple partners to the table to get the job done
  • We are motivated! – We don’t get paid until you receive your funds

Our Credit Sweep System can act fast to correct nasty credit-report errors or omissions.

In today's tight credit market it can be extremely damaging to have negative, misleading, unverifiable or false information on your credit report. These errors could end up costing you and your family thousands of dollars in extra interest charges alone!

In spite of how bad your credit may be, our credit restoration company will help you get back on your feet quickly. We're the credit specialists! We're here to help by providing enhanced credit repair services. We use advance strategies that produce results fast!

We are not your typical CREDIT RESTORATION COMPANY that is just using dispute letters like 90% of the companies out there! That takes to long! With over 15+ years of credit experience in the industry with the connections and our legal team, we can clean up the negative items and get you results quickly!

Rapid Credit Sweep specializes in restoring credit reports to an accurate status. We help Americans repair their credit reports by removing inaccurate, misleading, or unverified information. From bankruptcies, charge-offs, and tax liens, we have challenged virtually every credit inaccuracies a consumer has encountered.

We are good at what we do, because we believe in our work, we enjoy what we do, and we are committed to our clients. That means we can get you results you can count on, results that can literally turn your life around and build a better and brighter future in the credit world, making your life easier and happy, not so depressing. Don't let your credit get you down; we have risen scores 25 -200+ points in 14-30 business days giving the clients the ability to get the credit they deserve. (Each case is unique and holds different information results may vary). 

Credit Sweep clients can normally start seeing changes to their reports as soon as 10-20 days! 

*These are our current processing timeframe for most avg. files - Equifax & Experain 10-21 days, Transunion in 14-30 days

Inquires can cost you 1-5 pts each off your fico credit score! 

Example: If you have 20 inquires that can drop your scores 20 to 80 pts with each bureau!

Contact us to get started today with a copy of your credit report to review..




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