Credit Repair & Seasoned Tradelines

What Are Trade Lines?

Examples of Trade Lines:

  •   Car Loans
  •   Installment                  
  •   Revolving
  •   Major Credit Cards – Visa, M/C, Discover
  •   Finance Companies

One of the fastest ways to improve your credit scores, is to leverage them with high-limit revolving trade lines. The Revolving & Installment Trade Line Program offers you the unique opportunity to increase your credit score by quickly adding positive credit to your credit reports. With credit limits $5,000 to $25,000, you can easily acquire a large trade line to boost your credit scores. This revolving credit account reports monthly to the major credit reporting agencies, quickly enhancing your credit profile. With the right credit picture, the addition of a high limit revolving positive reporting revolving trade line will rapidly elevate your credit scores.  Speak with one of our credit specialists today to determine if the Revolving & Installment Trade Line Program is right for you.


By adding you as a au account holder with one of our credit accounts you are able to take advantage of their past positive payment history.  Our accounts range in age from a few yrs to 20 years old.

All with perfect payment history and we have some new accounts with no history also. Once added the whole history of the trade line will be reflected on your credit report. This result and technique has been used by Top Mortgage professionals across the USA and can increase your credit scores up to 200+ points fast!  Depending on your overall credit profile with the good tradelines you have and the ones you order from us.

*We have limited supply of higher limit $10k+ trade lines per month.  Our authorized credit card tradelines normally start posting in 10 to 15 business days to 2 out of 3 bureaus from the cutoff statement date

Major Credit Card Companies like: Wells Fargo, Bofa, Citi, Chase & Discover 

Limits from: ($5k up to $50k range) available!

Major credit card accounts from 2 yrs up to 20 years available!

Low balances (0% to 20% or less of the credit limit for most accounts).

Price ranges from as low as $400 and up

*Are you serious and ready to order the seasoned authorized credit card tradelines?

*Serious Inquiries

*sorry no scn/cpn numbers, we do not guarantee posting.

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